Two artists have managed to make real magic while on opposite ends of the world. On one end is Lucid Optics: a multi-talented independent artist from San Jose, CA. He makes melodic beats, writes dizzying raps, and sings like a billy goat with less vibrato. He also plays guitar, bass & keys and has been in several bands and Hip Hop groups over the course of his twenty-three years on earth. He stumbled on the other half of Modern Language when he heard a song called "Tides," which was a collab between UK-producer Museum and Lucid's friend Airospace, an emcee based out of Washington D.C.

On the other end is more of an enigma. Museum works as a full-time record producer in Birmingham, England. He crafts the duo's beats without using samples along with being the mixing and mastering engineer. Even as an essential element of the group, he prefers staying behind the scenes. Lucid sent an email to this mysterious man in 2014, and since then the two have been tinkering with sounds while giving the public nothing but silence. It wasn't until late in April 2016 that they released an official project - the debut EP titled Ok Txt Me. The EP was a precursor to their full-length project An Offer You Can Totally Refuse.

Both of these projects made it to the airwaves without a strong, pre-existing fan base. By the time A.O.Y.C.T.R. was in digital circulation, the group was getting played on the radio in four countries (US, UK, Canada, France). In their brief history, they're known for creating wonderlands by melding potent writing and delivery with cunning boomp-bap symphonies, living as counterpoints to anyone claiming Hip Hop is dead or not worth listening to. 

Ok Txt Me was released May 27th, 2015. It's currently available on Bandcamp.