In 2007, Tairy created a YouTube channel with the intention of uploading his favorite indie hip hop.  With no advertising, PR, or original music, millions of viewers began tuning into his curation.   Tairy's weekends in college were spent getting wildly drunk and  uploading the likes of Eyedea & Abilities, Sage Francis, MF DOOM, Binary Star, Atmosphere, Typical Cats, Algorythms, and hundreds of other indie hip hop acts.  Copyright infringements looming, he was forced with the decision of either shutting down the page or finding a new route, resulting in the promotion of new musicians, giving an audience to budding artists like Airospace, Blaise B, Cauzndefx, DRTYDRDZ, Kubes, Lucid Optics, Simon Sed & Sniper Cheez.  This evolved into new friendships, collaborations, and, eventually, the formation of Inkiscape.

Tairy began making music in August of 2012.  After a few years of releasing multiple albums per, he found his niche in the storytelling aspect of hip hop.  Placing his lyrics in the forefront, Tairy creates entire albums telling a single story each.  You can catch his new album Short Stories for the Impatient, Volume III in late April, and find him telling these stories during the June 2016 Inkisape tour.