2 fangz & boom bapula


Born to Romanian and Jamaican parents in the Bronx NY in 1973, Boom Bapula (Born Vladimir Jenkins) was raised along-side hip hop like a sibling. His father, Vlad Sr., always claimed to be 500 years old and swore to raise his son with the values of the "old country." A young Bapula spent his time split between the recreation room of his project building located at 1520 N. Sedgwick Ave with his friend and mentor Clive Campbell (aka DJ Kool Herc) and his father's study where he was taught the ways of "his people." It wasn't long before Bap realized that his people were vampires - a secret he was forced to keep for most of his life. 30 years later, Boom Bapula meets a young rapper by the name of DKat. They become friends and spend their time freestyling and even throwing rap shows. Much to their dismay, nieghborhood suckers betray Bapula's trust and prey on his new friend - transforming him into a member of the undead in the process. Surprisingly, DKat welcomes his transition. Adjusting to his new life as a creature of the night with the help of his friend Boom Bapula, DKat adopts a new moniker and they unite as brothers in blood and beats and embark on their journey as the world's 1st vampire rap duo - 2 Fangz & Boom Bapula!

Death after death ep (10.24.19)

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