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Justjoey is a writer, musician, rapper, producer, composer, and singer among many other things, who released music formerly as Lucid Optics. He now combines these skills to make anything from swelling ballads to Electronic Jazz Rap which all have a little bit of his guts in each phrase. He produces, raps and sings in Lucid Logic and raps in Modern Language and Mars Mellow. It’s hard to say which of these take up the most time, but between pursuing all of them Joey’s also planning and playing shows and tours, freelancing as an audio engineer, helping with Inkiscape, working day jobs and attempting to have a personal life somewhere in the mix.

Joey has been writing and recording since 2008, playing shows since 2011, and in 2014 started touring with friends. They traveled to perform in whatever cities would have them, played their hearts out, made friends and kept getting invited back. Since then he’s performed with local and touring legends like Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, milo (raps), Psalm One, Speak!, Moka Only, Illogic, Grayskul & many more amazing artists. There is still much work to be done.

He is currently planning to release & tour for Sink Or Swim in 2020.


“Local rapper Lucid Optics true talent lies in his innovative production. He writes and records all his own beats. He loops psychedelic swells with jazzy licks and even throws in some old 8bit Nintendo sounds and traditional Eastern music. His beats could stand up on their own as solid instrumental hip hop tracks. Fortunately, he can and does rap as well, with dizzy flow and brainy, clever lyrics. His style is reminiscent of Aesop Rock, but he goes even further into outer space territory. He has also done some top notch jams with local indie jazz outfit Contra Ville.”

— Metroactive, SLG Publishing and Art Boutiki present

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