Mars Mellow is the identity used by Lucid Optics (words) and knowmadic (beats) to forge galactic vibrations and get grocery money. The two met in high school and continued hanging around and making music between the other stuff silly humans do in their twenties. They dropped a few singles here and there, popping up on a label compilation with Curious Absurdities and a few other places on the internet before disappearing for years. They first toured together in 2014 along with Airospace half-way across the country while traveling in Michael's (knowmadic) two-door sedan. Luckily they only had to sleep in the car twice on that month-long ride.
Their first official album, Cosmic Perspective, is a collection of songs over the course of three years. It's a Hip Hop album for jazz listeners and a Jazz album for Hip Hop fans. 

Download Cosmic Perspective for free on bandcamp with the option to donate if you would like to support

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