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Lucid Optics is a composer gone producer gone rapper gone singer. He plays piano, guitar & bass, all of which veer his version of Hip Hop into often untraversed and experimental lanes. While most of his music has roots planted in Hip Hop, each song might reflect elements of Alternative, Electronic, Punk & even Hardcore. He's establishing a style that's consistently evolving with each release, something tied to constantly practicing and learning more. As a writer, he employs empathy to learn more about people and tends to enjoy seeing things from different perspectives. The name reflects the goals. A fool at times, that's not what Lucid strives to be, but it's not something he's afraid to be if it means learning more about who and what interests him.

He's performed with friends like Airospace, Cauzndefx, knowmadic, Simon Sed & Blaise B. as well as underground legends like Blackalicious, Open Mike Eagle, milo, Ceschi, MC Speak, Illogic, Blueprint, DJ Halo, Psalm One, Louis Logic, Moka Only & Grayskul to name a few.

He's currently writing and doing vocals in Modern Language (with UK-producer Museum) along with production, writing and vocals in Lucid Logic (with Columbus-emcee & producer Illogic)Scroll down to group projects for more information.


“Local rapper Lucid Optics true talent lies in his innovative production. He writes and records all his own beats. He loops psychedelic swells with jazzy licks and even throws in some old 8bit Nintendo sounds and traditional Eastern music. His beats could stand up on their own as solid instrumental hip hop tracks. Fortunately, he can and does rap as well, with dizzy flow and brainy, clever lyrics. His style is reminiscent of Aesop Rock, but he goes even further into outer space territory. He has also done some top notch jams with local indie jazz outfit Contra Ville.”
— Metroactive, SLG Publishing and Art Boutiki present

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