Airospace is well-known for delivering rhymes in their rawest form. The Washington D.C.-born emcee and drummer has been working with dozens of producers over the last half-decade to conjure up some of the most unique electronic glitch-hop of the era. Airo's flow compliments the electro-atmospheric producers with insightful self-criticism, armed with vocabulary, ideas, and references pulled from anywhere between Outlaw Star and his mother's medical books. The rest of his time is spent writing and touring with his band Louder Than Quiet.

Airospace has played with acts like Open Mike Eagle, Milo, MC Speak, Dance Gavin Dance, Stanley Ipkuss, Lucid Optics, Blaise B, Simon Sed, & Cauzndefx to name a few.


"Airospace pushes boundaries of what we know as rap music on 'All Dreams End.' It is an album that only could have been produced on the underground circuit and Airospace embraces this. Airospace rips his heart out on this release. He wants you to hear all his thoughts. He makes the anime references, he talks about suicide in vivid detail, he tries to make you feel uncomfortable because, then at least you are feeling something." - Huddy Bolly

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